Mary Jane's Cafe to celebrate 20th anniversary with dinner, raffle

WARRENSBURG — Mary Jane’s Café will be celebrating its 20th anniversary Friday, Sept. 4, from 4 to 8 p.m. with dinner and a raffle.

All proceeds will go to the Johnson County Cancer Foundation.

William (Bill) Harper opened Mary Jane’s Café on Sept. 2, 2000, naming the restaurant after his wife.

Bill Harper and Mary Jane Zellmer were married on March 31, 1956 and had five children, Barbara, Gwendolyn, Kimberly, Wayne and Belinda.

Tragedy hit the Harper family in 1995 when Mary Harper lost her battle with cancer, passing at the age of 57.

After her passing, Bill Harper made it his mission to fulfill one of Mary Harper’s biggest dreams of owning a diner and in her memory, he opened Mary Jane’s Café.

He brought his daughter Gwendolyn and her husband Wilfredo (Winky) from Independence to Warrensburg to help him operate Mary Jane’s Café.

In 2005, Bill Harper passed at the age of 69. 

Mary Jane’s Café was located on North Charles St. for seven years and then moved to its current location, 1042 S. Maguire St., Warrensburg, where it has been for the last thirteen years.

"Unfortunately, cancer has severely impacted our family and we would like to help other families going through this battle," Brandy Wormsley said. "We hope you to see you all come out and support our community."

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