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Judging for the Leeton Baby Contest took place June 8 at the Leeton Christian Church.

Girls 0 to 3 Months

1. Leena Sullins, 1 month. Parents are Jake and Beth Sullins.

2. Brylea Baker, 2 months. Parents are Sierra and Nick Baker.

3. Hagen Manley, 1 month. Parent are Levi Manley and Chelcie Anderson.

3. Parker West, 3 weeks. Parents are April and Richard West.

Girls 4 to 8 Months

1. Zella Schmeltz, 7 months. Parents are Ben and Heather Schmeltz.

1. Elowyn Staggs, 8 months. Parents are Troy and Morgan Staggs.

Boys 9 to 12 Months

1. Christian Garcia, 11 months. Parents are Thomas Garcia and Kaylee Keopke.

Girls 9 to 12 Months

1. Josie Crooks, 12 months. Parents are Greg and Aubrei Crooks.

2. Kaisley Deatherage, 11 months. Parents are Corey and McKenzie Deatherage.

3. Aaliyah Khan, 11 months. Parent is Diane Khan.

Girls 13 to 18 Months

1. Gabriella King, 16 months. Parent is Jamie King.

2. Maddie Browder, 16 months. Parents are Dana and Brandon Browder.

3. Emmajean Wiltrout, 16 months. Parents are Shayna and Scott Wiltrout.

Girls 19 to 23 Months

1. Kambri Phillips, 20 months. Parents are Mack and Kamaran Phillips.

2. Amaya Cramer, 19 months. Parent is Aaliyah Cramer.

3. Jersey Schnatz, 23 months. Parents are Tom and Doris Schnatz.

3. Isabella Gill, 21 months. Parents are Dalton Gill and Emily McCoy.

Boys 24 to 35 Months

1. Emerson Dunn, 24 months. Parents are Melissa Gamez and Garrett Dunn.

Girls 24 to 35 Months

1. Aubree Berry, 29 months. Parents are Katrina Fleming and Austin Berry.

2. Brexley Thomas, 26 months. Parents are Star and Scott Thomas.

3. Remy McCoy, 35 months. Parents are Erin and John McCoy.

Girls 24 to 35 Months Honorable Mentions

Saylor Schnatz, 33 months. Parents are Tom and Doris Schnatz.

Olivia Myers, 25 months. Parents are Brandon and Alicia Myers.

Emersyn West, 30 months. Parents are April and Richard West.

Girls 36 to 48 Months

1. Charlotte Maxon, 44 months. Parents are Misty and Zach Maxon.

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