Debbie Gould has served as the administrative assistant at RISE Community Services for four years where she has enjoyed helping anyone she can.

“I love my job,” Gould said. “If you love your job, you know you’re meant to be there.”

RISE Community Services, located at 607 N. Ridgeview Road, Warrensburg, provides support and coordination to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Gould said the staff members at RISE have kind hearts, patience and the ability to work with people.

“Everyone who works here has a heart of gold because it takes a lot,” Gould said. “I know my parents had a hard time with me growing up.”

What would surprise people most to learn about your job?

“I do a little bit of everything. Because of COVID-19, I’m helping making masks right now. I answer phone calls. Before COVID-19 hit, I was taking attendance, greeting customers, helping them in the cafe, any work that needs to be done in the production side of it. I would pretty much do anything that anyone asked me to do.”

What’s the most common question you get about what you do?

“People always ask me where everyone else is at and I have to juggle where the supervisors go.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job or career?

“The people. I love the people and just being able to support them and help them in any way possible. I love spending my time with people and helping people out.”

Would 10-year-old you be surprised that you are in this position or field?

“No, I’ve had learning and mental disabilities for a long, long time and seizures. My parents always raised me to treat others like I want to be treated. I figured I knew I’d be in some sort of place working with others.”

What advice would you give someone starting a job similar to yours?

“Be confident, don’t be afraid to ask questions, there’s never a stupid one. Be positive. Everyone is going to make mistakes at their job, but you can learn from those mistakes.”

Staff Writer Dustin Steinhoff can be reached r by calling (660) 747-8123.

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