Warrensburg teen elected to Missouri State 4-H Council, selected to represent sate at national conference

Rebekah Papasifakis

WARRENSBURG — Rebekah Papasifakis of Warrensburg was selected as a West Central Regional Representative to the Missouri State 4-H Council and was selected to represent Missouri at the 2021 National 4-H Conference.

Rebekah Papasifakis is a senior at Warrensburg High School and a member of the Good Neighbors 4-H Club.

She has been a member of Johnson County 4-H for eight years and is currently serving as president of the Good Neighbors 4-H club and the Johnson County 4-H Council.

Rebekah Papasifakis is the daughter of Mike Papasifakis and Ann Papasifakis, both of Warrensburg.

The State 4-H Council is a group of teens who represent the voice of youth for Missouri 4-H, serving as mentors, ambassadors and playing a major role in statewide 4-H events.

The National 4-H Conference is the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture’s premier youth development opportunity to engage youth in developing recommendations for the 4-H Youth Development Program.

The University of Missouri 4-H sends three delegates and a chaperone to the National 4-H Conference each year.

It is the highest national civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members across the country.

Delegates not only learn while at the conference but also have the opportunity to practice and apply in a real-world setting their newly developed and refined skills.

The National 4-H Conference is hosted annually at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland (however due to COVID-19, it will be hosted virtually in 2021).

The National 4-H Conference provides 4-H youth an opportunity to make decisions that will shape their future, by including their ideas and recommendations in 4-H program development.

The purpose of the National 4-H Conference is to:

Help selected youths and adults develop their maximum potential by providing opportunities to participate actively in 4-H program development outside their states and at national levels.

Assist states in the further development of a system for involving youth, volunteers and professional staff in 4-H program planning in their states.

Provide an opportunity for the input of youths, volunteers and professional staff into the National 4-H Program Development Committee deliberations.

Provide a system for an exchange of 4-H programming ideas among states.

Provide an opportunity for conference delegates to update elected and appointed government officials, national associations, donor groups, etc., on current developments in 4-H national, state and local levels.

4-H is the youth development arm of MU Extension.

Last year around 22,000 Missouri children and youth participated in a 4-H club, more than 25,000 participated in a school program and more than 183,000 participated in a 4-H special interest program.

For more information on Missouri 4-H, visit the 4-H website at 4h.missouri.edu.

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