Local youth participate in swine show at Johnson County Youth Fair

Brianna Munsterman takes part in the swine show at the Johnson County Youth Fair.

JOHNSON COUNTY — Participants completed for ribbons and awards during the swine show at the Johnson County Youth Fair July 8 - 12.

The results are listed as the participant, the color of ribbon(s) received, their 4-H and where they are from.

It is also indicated if the participants received additional awards.


Class - Market Hogs

Ryan Munsterman, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg, Herdsmanship Award

Chezney Early, Blue (2), Leeton FFA, Leeton

Lyle Bruns (Roper), Blue (2), Chilhowee FFA, Holden, Champion Market Hog and Reserve Champion Market Hog

Wallace Walker, Blue, Holden FFA, Holden

Jillian Mudd, Blue (2), Leeton FFA, Knob Noster, Champion Intermediate Showmanship

JoDee Mudd, Blue, Leeton FFA, Knob Noster

Brianna Munsterman, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg, Herdsmanship Award

Zach Munsterman, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg, Herdsmanship Award

Claira Mannering, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Audrey Mannering, Blue, Good Neighbors, Warrensburg

Lylah Smith, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg

Kennedy Early, Blue, Leeton FFA, Leeton, Champion Farm Bred & Raised

August Hoeper, Blue (2), Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Centerview

Cooper Parsons, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg, Champion Senior Showmanship

Kaelyn Counts, Blue (2), Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg

Aubree Rittman, Blue, Heartland 4-H Club, Knob Noster

Maggie Parsons, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg

Addison Counts, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Warrensburg, Champion Rate of Gain

Kyler Davidson, Blue (2), Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Holden, Champion Junior Showmanship

Conner Davis, Blue, Mineral Creek, Warrensburg

Colten Davis, Blue, Mineral Creek, Warrensburg

Brady Jennings, Blue (2), Blackwater Bobcats, Warrensburg

Savanna Bramwell, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Centerview

Class - Breeding Stock

Kyler Davidson, Blue, Mt. Moriah Hustlers, Holden

Lylah Smith, Blue

Conner Davis, Blue 

Kennedy Early, Blue (2), Reserve Champion Gilt

Chezney Early, Blue

Lyle Bruns (Roper), Blue, Champion Gilt

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